Company Personnel

Company Personnel

The Destination Conference Managers team offers an unparalleled mix of expertise that guarantees your conference will be talked about for years.
Director: Pat Johnston - Pat’s background in finance and lending, investment and health has given her a unique blend of financial skills and practical, organisational expertise. Her prior work life included Forsyth Barr, Marac Finance, Cadbury Confectionery, the health sector and local government.

Pat is a Certified Event Manager with Professional Conference Organisers Association.

As someone who has been in the conference and events business for over 20 years, Pat offers clients

  • top flight conference financial management,
  • long-term experience,
  • the local knowledge that gives any conference its special flavour,
  • practical solutions, 
  • excellent organisational expertise.

Pat also has a strong national network of professional conference organisers whose expertise she can draw on.

Destination Conference Managers can make your conferences happen anywhere in New Zealand- from Invercargill to Waitangi.