Our Philosophy

  • We accept that we are a part of the TEAM
  • We are charged with problem solving - we find POSITIVE SOLUTIONS to EVERY QUESTION
  • We feel that we are supporting the committee as the hosts and that the delegates are here for us to look after
  • We understand what conference delegates need
  • We are the resource for the conference organising committee, and it is part of our role to supply the committee with the all the information required
  • We have a reputation for honesty and integrity.
  • We are budget-driven - we spend a lot of expertise and energy maintaining and refining the budget so it is up to date and fully understood by the committee.
  • We understand that committee members have other roles and that the conference committee is in addition to their other responsibilities
  • We continually analyse what works in given situations and for particular outcomes
  • We are proven motivators, we provide total support and we are capable of guiding the committee to the best outcomes for the conference success.